Stellenbosch, South Africa


Stellenbosch was absolutely gorgeous, much like most of South Africa.  I may like this area the best in the Cape region.  The landscape was beautiful with the wineries dotted below the many mountains in the area.  Huge villas and farmhouses sat atop the mountains. I could definitely live there and open my own little winery. Of course there is the potential that the wine might have influenced my view of this place as we all were a bit slap happy by the end of our eight hour wine tour.  However, after looking at the pictures, my memories seem to be accurate (about that part atleast!)

It was an amazing time visiting five very different wineries in the area.  Each one had its own different charm ranging from Tuscanesque to modern.  One even played Beethoven to the vines to encourage them to grow.  Not sure if it works, but the wine tasted good! It was also interesting that our wine tour guide was the very friendly and energetic mother of Candace Swanepoel.


If we do go back, I would love to stay in this region as it’s amazingly beautiful and relatively tourist free!



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