Cake Decorating

Cake decorating-9



My adventures in cake decorating were piqued when I spent a weekend with my cousin in England a few months back.  She has done a few courses and makes cakes on and off for friends and family as a hobby.  So over a weekend she taught me some tricks of the trade. Though I’ve dabbled with cake decorating, never to this level.  I loved every minute of it!



Cake decorating-6-1Cake decorating-1

Cake decorating-2

Cake decorating-3

Cake decorating-7

Cake decorating-8

Since I’ve been back I’ve been inspired to start making some of my own.  This is my first go at it.  Though there is much to be learned and perfected, I’m happy with this attempt.  I love the flowers, but not loving the stripes (wintergreen mintesque).  I’ll have to get a bit more inspiration and do a little planning before I plunge in next time!


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