St Maarten and St Kitts

St. Maarten was not exactly my favorite place in the world despite the lovely harbour.  To be fair, we didn’t get the chance to get off the beaten path and away from the tourists – but sharing a beach with 400,000+ other people is not my cup of tea.  This tiny little island was shared by no less than 7 cruise ships and 2 yachts.  The cruise ships unleashed the horror of American tourists into shopping district which is the lifeline for the entire island and is completely and solely dependent on our money to support their economy.  The view however, was gorgeous and we all enjoyed the view from our decks sharing a glass of champagne and enjoying the beautiful sunset while sailing out to our next destination.  Couldn’t ask for more really!

St. Kitts was a whole different world.  This time we opted to take a little tour around the island in little vehicle which was a mix between a tiny train and a Thai tuk tuk.  It was great to see the scenery around the island which ranged from beaches to rainforest.  At one point you could see the Atlantic on one side and the Caribbean sea on the other.  Very picturesque views.  We had lunch at a little club on the beach with great food and design.  The sun was always shining and the views were like a magazine – needless to say I didn’t want to get back on the ship!


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