Milano, Italy


I loved Milano.  It was the first place in Italy that I have been, and it did not disappoint.  Though it doesn’t have the same Italian feel that you imagine and see in pictures, its very Italian in its own way.

The Duomo is so pretty with its sparkling pinkish white stone.  Not only is the facade incredible, the view from the top is great.  If you have a chance, a walk up to the roof of the Duomo is a must.  The architecture and the level of detail in the stone carvings is amazing.  I always find myself wondering how something so massive and elaborate was built, especially without our modern technology.

Milano is supposed to be the city of fashion and it did live up to its reputation.  Once you filter through the appallingly dressed tourists, this city definitely has its own flair.  People are unafraid of non matching patterns and colors and have taken their own take on the current trends.  Its easy to see how one can be inspired living here with people from all walks of life.


Gelato and Panzarotti were food highlights this trip.  Panzarotti is a savory doughnut type thing filled with gooey mozzarella and tomato sauce and then fried.  So tasty. And we also stumbled upon the most amazing gelataria that fills your cone with warm melted chocolate before adding on a scoop of ice cream.  If only every ice cream shop could do this.  I think I tried about eight different flavours of Gelato this trip!   So good!

Really enjoyed this city and would love to go back.



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