Dinant, Belgium

Some 30 odd years ago, my dad visited this little place while on a tour of Europe with all of his college mates.  So to follow in my father’s footsteps, we decided this little town in the south of Belgium was worth a visit.

Though I think that things have changed a bit since he was last there, the place was picturesque in its own little way.  The view from atop the casements is quite stunning and the rolling hills spread out as far as the eye can see.  Its easy to understand how this place changed hands so many times during the many wars as it provides quite the vantage point.

dinant belgium

The stoney backdrop for one of the gloomiest cathedrals I have ever seen is offered a bit of contrast and life by the cute little houses that line the river and the plush greenery that is everywhere.

A cute little place – now if only it didn’t sell out to the tourists!



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