Augustusberg, Germany


After a long weekend of travelling, we found ourselves home earlier than anticipated on a Sunday morning.  Since our lives revolve around travelling, we decided to sit down, put our feet up and peruse the UNESCO website for historical gems to visit in the area.

Five minutes later we had found one of these gems, figured out that it was only a 20 minute drive from our house, and were out the door on the way to explore a new castle.

This castle is a bit more like a french inspired palace and is every bit as amazing as we could have hoped.  The grounds are gorgeous, with plenty of forest, manicured gardens and loads of fountains and lakes.

Though the grounds are spectacular on their own accord, the inside is what makes this place amazing. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take pictures.  But lets just say, this palace might just rival Versailles for more gold, paintwork and ornamentation on every spare piece of wall, ceiling and furniture.  The palace highlights the ever present modern theme of living beyond your means, however this occurred hundreds of years ago.  So ornamented was this palace, that the Baron went bankrupt and ended up having to sell the majority of the furniture.  Sounds like things haven’t changed much with society over the years.

Nevertheless, he did commission one of the most amazing buildings around this area and provided us with a very entertaining afternoon!


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