Nürburgring 24 Hours


In the spring of every year at the infamous Nürburgring, the 24 hour race takes place.  It is 24 hours of straight racing from 4pm on Saturday till 4pm on Sunday.  All the way through the evening, through the middle of the pitch black night, the early hours of the morning and all the way till the following afternoon.  Just think of what you do on a typical day and then remember, the whole time you are eating, at work, sleeping and probably eating again, 3-4 drivers are still running precise circles around this track at super fast speeds.   Its amazing to me that this type of event actually takes place.  The physical fitness, alertness, focus and tolerance this requires amazes me.  Especially through the complete darkness on an unlit track.

However, the beauty of the 24hrs is actually in what surrounds the track.  Thousands of caravans and tents line the 20km track which is also littered with belligerent but happy spectators and endless barbecues and fire pits.  If you take out the fact that we’re in Germany and surrounded by Germans, you would feel exactly like you back home at a NASCAR race.  Its amazing how some things don’t change regardless of how many borders, countries and oceans you cross.  Its the quintessential sporting event, beer drinking (kölsch over here, not bud and coors light), hot dog eating (more like bratwurst), and country music playing (German country music that is).  Maybe its not All-American after all.

The 24 hour race is something you just have to see and experience.  It maybe not be one of your best experiences (though some will disagree), but it is an experience worth having nonetheless!


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