versaillesI’ll be honest. I was quite overwhelmed by Versailles. I’ve wanted to visit there for the better part of my adult life, perhaps even after taking French courses in my teenage years. I was lucky on this trip to Paris to have time to visit this marvel.


Versailles is in a world of its own. Its typically French. The architecture.  The opulence. The superiority. These things do not detract from this amazing palace, they make it completely what it is. It is breathtaking in its own way. My life revolves around minimalism, but its difficult for anyone not to appreciate the level of detail that surrounds this place.

Inside Versailles is just as fancy, if not even more. The fabrics, the patterns and the vast amounts of gold everywhere all make this space royal and grand. One thing I did discover is that people were far more patient in those times. All the waiting rooms for waiting rooms were rather excessive in my opinion. Though, I have become accustomed to instant responses. I’m sure I would throw a fit if asked to wait for five hours in three different rooms before having an opportunity to speak to the king. I suppose we do wait for many more hours for much less, waiting for the internet man from 12-5 for example.VERSAILLES5


versailles gardens

Though the interior is amazing, the gardens are by far my favorite. I’m not sure why, but I just love a sprawling, well manicured garden.  Versailles is about 100x more than that.  In the one hour that we spent wandering the gardens, we probably only covered 1/4 of the grounds.  I’m almost positive that I would do more exercise if only I lived in this palace and had these gardens to roam. Who am I kidding, I would most likely sit inside on a comfy sofa with copious amounts of red wine, French cheese and a baguette. I’m sure no one would tell me back then I need to be healthier and exercise!

If you are in Paris, leave the city for a half a day atleast and make Versailles your destination.  I promise you will love it.


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