Warwick Castle, Warwick England

Warwick Castle

Its quite unpatriotic really.  Living in and visiting England many times and never once visiting a real English castle.  I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow, I spent 24 years of my life as a Brit avoiding the many castles dotted around the country.  I only discovered such a gem because my lovely husband grew up there and insisted that we make a visit.  I’m glad I listened for once!

I suppose, if it could have been one that I could see, Warwick castle is a good choice.  Its one of the few castles that hasn’t been reduced to almost indecipherable ruins.  Quite the opposite really.  Its very well intact equipped with some decorations and furniture still there for our viewing pleasure.

Warwick Castle

Make sure you take at least a half a day to roam around the gardens and explore the interior.  Theres enough to see, but it’s more about experiencing the atmosphere.  Lounging on the green grass, smelling the flowers and enjoying the view from high atop the towers.

Warwick Castle

It’s quite amazing really.  On one hand, I feel as though this whole setup feels so foreign and definitely feels as though you are wandering back through time. The stone commodes which conveniently instantly empty right out down the side of the castle, the dungeons and the damp and dark cellars.   On the other hand, I find myself thinking, well they had comfy sofas, rose gardens and huge libraries – not much has changed since then.  I suppose the castle itself has aged and adapted over hundreds of years too.

I really enjoyed it here.  After all the period dramas and books that I’ve watched and read, it puts things in context and perspective! If you get a chance to visit England, make sure you visit one of the castles – its well worth it!


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