Following my Dreams – Learning from a Master Baker

Fresh Baked Bread

I cook often and love it.  I’ve grown up with freshly made meals and continue to make that a large part of my life. Cooking happens mostly daily and is a necessity. You must cook in order to eat.

Baking on other hand is not usually a necessity.  Baking for me is a passion and an indulgence. Its not essential to eat a perfectly light victoria sandwich cake, a pistachio cherry biscotti with the right amount of crunch or a gorgeously crusty loaf of bread. However, the end results are extremely enjoyable to eat and share with friends. Who doesn’t love to eat baked goods? Anyone?

Baking is not only an indulgence for eating, but an indulgent process.  It usually requires much time, patience and precision, which are not always in abundance.  An afternoon spent baking lifts my mood and makes me excited and animated (probably also from eating all the sugar).

For a long time now I have dreamed of owning my own bakery.  The movie “Stranger than Fiction” made me want it even more. If only I could be Maggie Gyllenhaal and give up everything to make people happy all day.  Maybe one day I will pursue a similar path.

Fresh Baked Bread

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on my skills.  Just recently I got the amazing opportunity to intern for a month at one of Köln’s best bakeries, Bastian’s.  I was over the moon, until I realized how early I would need to wake up every day.  Even so, I’ve been learning so much very quickly.  Its amazing to be working in a proper bakery that makes everything in house on a daily basis.  Its great to learn the skills and see people happily eating what you have made that day.  Its extremely demanding and hard work, but in the end its really all worth it! I don’t think I will ever tire of the smell of fresh bread.

This is one the loaves I recently made. Its a caramelized onion rye and wheat loaf. Amazing with butter.  Perfect for breakfast topped with smashed avocado, cheddar cheese and a poached egg.

Fresh Baked Bread
Stay tuned for some more of my creations!


5 thoughts on “Following my Dreams – Learning from a Master Baker

  1. Awesome Anjanee! Sounds like a ton of fun! I just love the German breads. In my opinion,they do it best! I would get so fat doing your internship. I just can’t resist fresh bread! Looking forward to you baking me some when you return. Think of you often!

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