European Road Trip: Day 4 Verona, Italy


Though Italy has its own very specific feeling, the county varies greatly from top to bottom and from left to right.  No one city is the same. Verona was no different. It is quintessentially Italian, however so different from any of the other cities I have been to before.


verona-10Verona is a lovely city, although I’m not sure I can reeealllyy say I saw all of it.  Since the weather was so unbearably hot, we spent most of the afternoon hopping from one shadow to the next, hoping for a bit of relief from the intense sun.  Note to self: maybe visiting Italy in the middle of summer is not the best idea.




We made a point to see the main attractions which turned out to be quite amazing, but ended up spending the day leisurly enjoying the culture and the less travelled areas of the city instead.  Who can resist a coconut and mango gelato and a glass of prosecco in the heat of the summer?  A walk along the river was also in order as the cool breeze off the water was much appreciated and the views were amazing.  In search of these ever elusive shadows, we did however get our fair share of Italian door shots (which was perfect for me!)


Verona is old and very much raw. It’ s not pristine like Rome or even Florence and you won’t find crowds of tourists as you would in the more travelled Italian cities.  Verona is like a step back in time and really captures the true history of Italy.


Where we stayed: The beautiful Delser Manor House. Highly recommend it if you are in the area.

verona map

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Next up: Amazing views around Lake Como

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