Tea Party Birthday Cake

tea party birthday cakeIts been a busy few months with visitors and traveling and unfortunately the blog has kinda been pushed to the wayside. But now I have a bit of time, I’ll be trying to catch up with all my posts over the past year!

For now, this birthday cake will have to do!  It’s tea party inspired and rather whimsical.  I just love how simple it is. My sister and I had fun making this cake even if it did take all day!

tea party birthday cake

This unusual heatwave we’ve had here made it extremely difficult to make this cake look pretty.  With over 30 C on most days and no air conditioning, you can imagine the temperatures in the house! The buttercream icing almost turned from a solid to a liquid and the fondant just wouldn’t cooperate.  Regardless, the end result wasn’t a complete disaster! I like the simple but ornate border and the little details inspired by some fancy tea cups.  Perfect for a mini birthday tea party!

The cake is just a simple lemon victoria sponge sandwiched with raspberry jam and iced in lemon buttercream.  My favorite cake combination!
tea party birthday cake


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