Zurich, Switzerland


So theres an airline here in Germany that offers super cheap flights to big cities all over Europe.  But the catch is this – you are only given a list of cities that you could potentially end up going to.  You only find out which one it will be after you have paid in full for the trip.

For a Type- A person like myself, this is very unnerving.  It completely goes against my need to plan.  It leaves me anxious and pacing for the 5 minutes it takes to fill in your flight details and pay. Those 5 minutes feel like forever.  Things like – “Is this a good idea,” “what happens if we end up at the worst one,” go through my head. In reality, there really is no downside.  The worst that could happen is that you end up in a city like Barcelona or Budapest. See…not bad at all.  This is how I talk myself through the ordeal.


So after much deliberation, we decided to go through with the whole thing.  We ended up with Zurich. I can’t say I wasn’t a little bit disappointed. Barcelona and Budapest held so much promise.  However, whats done was done.  It was booked and there was no turning back.


Turns out that Zurich is actually amazing. Since I had no expectations, everything was great.  The city is charming, the restaurants are amazing, and the views are phenomenal. We had an lovely time wandering around – though we soon figured out you would need a serious amount of money if you were considering living there.

Zurich just oozes wealth. There’s just something about it that makes you realize that there is some serious money here. Perhaps its the polished pavement or sparkly buildings. Or the fancy cars and designer shops.  Whatever it is, I can’t quite place it. However, it’s not just all about money and pretentious shopping and dining, theres a lot of design and culture to be found in this city.


The Technopark area of the city is relatively new and seemed to have quite a lot going on. There were loads of great designed restaurants and bars filled with people in this area.   Much recommended if you’re a bit sick of the touristy sights and want a bit more of the local feel!

All in all, Zurich would be a perfect place to live. A gorgeous ice capped mountain backdrop. Michelin starred restaurants. Amazing shopping. And a ice blue lake to take your boat out on. What more could you ask for?!? A little more money perhaps!

It turns out that perhaps planning all the time is not always necessary.  Sometimes its the things that you plan the least that end up the most exciting!


Where we ate:

Rosso – completely hidden from the world, this pizza place can be found in an abandoned warehouse. Despite the high unfinished ceilings, the feel is very much cozy and warm. Tip: get a seat outside if you can. The garden seating is quaint and rather romantic!

Dini Mueter – super cute little cafe very much off the beaten path. Not much around but residential buildings, but worth the trek. Full of locals and feels like you’re just hanging out in your grandma’s living room. Well maybe not my grandmothers living room, but if you weren’t Indian and maybe European – it could pass!

Sternen Grill – an Airstream trailer in Bellevue – totally touristy, but perfect for a quick bratwurst and a beer to keep you going.

Can’t get enough of Switzerland? Take a look through our drive through the Alps and Adelboden.


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