Linen Travel Bags

Linen Travel Bags | Fig & Honey

I know it’s 2 weeks into the year, but I still can’t believe that it’s a new year.  I’m a tad bit slow this year to wrap my head around it. I suppose nothing really changes from December to January, it’s all mental. However, I like to look at it as a fresh start and a whole year to try new things. There are so many things I want to do this year- traveling to more nature based locations, exploring our city a bit more, calligraphy, foraging, woodworking, more knitting, sewing, the list goes on and on.

I realized that there is just so much to learn and owning things are so much more gratifying when you’ve spent the time to make them. I doubt I’ll go nuts and start making everything I own, but it’s nice to be able to say I’ve given it a go. These Linen Travel Bags were very much missing from my travel kit and make my life so much easier, so naturally they were the first thing I was dying to make!

Linen Travel Bags | Fig & Honey

As much as I love traveling, I absolutely hate packing. The only thing worse is unpacking. It turns into a very monotonous experience every time, which gets easier over time but no more exciting. One of the things that I absolutely love is having individual bags to put things in. Shoes, chargers, hair products, unmentionables, etc. It makes life so easy to have everything in its place. Not only is it easier to pack your bags, living out of a suitcase is so much less stressful!

However, I’ve never really been able to find something that I love. I’ve been using Baggu zip up bags for awhile and think they work great. The zipper keeps things in and the nylon is easy to wipe down. Unfortunately, they have discontinued these simple bags in neutral colors which makes things a bit difficult. After scouring the internet for a suitable replacement, I came up empty handed and decided the only way was to make them myself. How hard can a simple drawstring bag be?

Linen Travel Bags | Fig & Honey

Turns out, a simple drawstring is very easy, but if you want a nicely refined product (which I of course do), it takes a bit bigger of a skill set than I apparently have at this point in time. Not to worry, my mother was around to help me out and together we tried out quite a few things before we settled on these.

Since I’m not a sewing expert (yet! I hope to learn much more this year), I don’t have any specific instructions for these yet. However, this video and this video were immensely helpful. The other skills were that of my mother’s and a bit of figuring it out as you go. Apparently everyone in my mothers generation learned these basic skills while in school and unfortunately that was very much lost by the time my generation went through the schooling system. I do wish that I had learned such things, but I guess its never too late!

A few tips – 1. learn to sew straight 2. iron down things as you go, it will make sewing straight lines easier and result in a uniform product 3. practice, practice, practice.

Linen Travel Bags | Fig & Honey

I’m really looking forward to experimenting a bit more this year with all sorts of things. Hopefully I’ll learn a lot and have a house full of great products that I love to use! Is there anything that you’d like to try your hand at this year?


Luxurious Lemon Sugar Body Scrub

Luxurious Lemon Sugar Body Scrub | Fig & Honey

After a luxurious full body scrub while on a holiday in Sri Lanka, I’m completely hooked on exfoliating.  I know, perhaps these are things that not everyone talks about. But how can you not want to tell the world after you’ve discovered a whole new meaning of smooth??

I’ve never had a body scrub treatment before – always opting for the more relaxing and potentially painless swedish massage.  Not that I get treated to these that often anyway.  However, after realizing that the body treatments at our hotel were only a fraction of the price you would pay in the States or even Europe, there was no reason not to give it a go.  That and the amazingly delicious chilled lime tea they served. That was a deal breaker.

Since then, I have tried my best to replicate the results.  I suppose having to apply this yourself in a hot and cramped shower is not exactly the equivalent of relaxing completely on a massage table and having a masseuse with perfectly soft hands do it for you. But hey, I’ll take what I can get!

Luxurious Lemon Sugar Body Scrub | Fig & Honey

I really like that this scrub is made from sugar as it slowly dissolves while you are in the shower.  This means less clean up (yes, please!) and a much more gentle exfoliation (no red marks and stinging).  Give it a try.  I promise you will love your new body and I’m sure your partner will too.  In fact, get him to try it too – theres enough to go around!

Luxurious Lemon Sugar Body Scrub | Fig & Honey

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Adorable Knitted Baby Sweaters

knitted duffel coat debbie bliss pattern

My sister and I were looking back at some of our childhood pictures the other day and realized that we were always dressed in matching clothes.  Always.  Without fail. We must have had identical wardrobes which I suppose was much easier for my mother.  Though, as ridiculous as it was, it made for some cute pictures! I suppose my childhood is the reason why I smile when I see matching siblings in their prams!

baby sweaters small

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Following my Dreams – Learning from a Master Baker

Fresh Baked Bread

I cook often and love it.  I’ve grown up with freshly made meals and continue to make that a large part of my life. Cooking happens mostly daily and is a necessity. You must cook in order to eat.

Baking on other hand is not usually a necessity.  Baking for me is a passion and an indulgence. Its not essential to eat a perfectly light victoria sandwich cake, a pistachio cherry biscotti with the right amount of crunch or a gorgeously crusty loaf of bread. However, the end results are extremely enjoyable to eat and share with friends. Who doesn’t love to eat baked goods? Anyone?

Baking is not only an indulgence for eating, but an indulgent process.  It usually requires much time, patience and precision, which are not always in abundance.  An afternoon spent baking lifts my mood and makes me excited and animated (probably also from eating all the sugar).

For a long time now I have dreamed of owning my own bakery.  The movie “Stranger than Fiction” made me want it even more. If only I could be Maggie Gyllenhaal and give up everything to make people happy all day.  Maybe one day I will pursue a similar path.

Fresh Baked Bread

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Newborn Mary Jane Booties

baby mary jane bootiesI love knitting. It keeps my hands occupied while watching TV.  It makes me feel like I’ve created something out of nothing. Its a rather relaxing and gratifying little hobby. Yes, a little bit old lady-ish, I know. But I’m telling you, knitting is making a comeback! I kinda like the idea that all is not lost with new generations.  That something so simple and old like knitting will continue to be learnt and put to use.

These baby booties are the perfect gift for a newborn girl.  They’re super super easy to make and take only a day. So great for a last minute gift. Or just a quick project to test out your knitting skills.

Pattern here.

Nürburgring 24 Hours


In the spring of every year at the infamous Nürburgring, the 24 hour race takes place.  It is 24 hours of straight racing from 4pm on Saturday till 4pm on Sunday.  All the way through the evening, through the middle of the pitch black night, the early hours of the morning and all the way till the following afternoon.  Just think of what you do on a typical day and then remember, the whole time you are eating, at work, sleeping and probably eating again, 3-4 drivers are still running precise circles around this track at super fast speeds.   Its amazing to me that this type of event actually takes place.  The physical fitness, alertness, focus and tolerance this requires amazes me.  Especially through the complete darkness on an unlit track.

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