European Road Trip: Day 3 Alpine Passes

Alpine Pass_1

Alpine Pass_2

Early the next morning, we left Innsbruck behind and set off for a long day of driving.  Originally, the drive was to take 4, maybe 5 hours.  As often the case with road trips, this one took far far longer.  12 hours to be exact.  This trip was not for the faint of heart.  Nor the car sick individual.

Alpine Pass_3

Alpine Pass_4

Though it was the longest leg of our trip, it was by far the most breathtaking.  The minute we started driving into the mountains I was in awe of the snowcapped peaks and vast green valleys.  As per usual, we stopped often to breathe in the fresh mountain air and attempt to capture even a fraction of the beauty around us.

Alpine Pass_5

As these can be considered some of the best driving roads in the world, Jonathan being the primary driver had an amazing time. Just for him, we veered off to a little mountain road called the Stelvio Pass.  This is the second highest pass in the Alps with over 48 hairpin turns. The views were just amazing from this high up and road was kinda fun to go up and down.  Just as long as you don’t look down!

Alpine Pass_7

The drive took us through many tiny villages with similarly tiny churches, which of course we had to get out and see.  The twisty turny roads took us up and over the alps dropping us down into Italy on the other side.  It was amazing to see the architecture change from the Bavarian style into the more colorful and simple Italian style.

Alpine Pass_8

Alpine Pass_9This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Its surprising how these beautiful mountains can really ground and humble you!

map of alpine passes

Click through for a map of the full road trip

Next up: a few days in the gorgeous Italian sunshine!

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