Apple and Elderflower Cocktail

Apple and Elderflower Cocktail
Last week my sister and I had the opportunity to enjoy a girls night in watching movies and eating junk food. The husband was out on a work do leaving us alone to our own devices. Since we have lived in opposite sides of the world for the last 10 years this was a rare treat! Our movie of choice was a psychological thriller (my personal fav genre) accompanied by a large plate of nachos and this yummy drink we concocted (I’m sure its been done before, but I haven’t scoured the internet to find out. Lets just say its an original invention).

After discovering our new found love for elderflower cordial in Amsterdam the previous weekend, we decided to experiment a little. Turns out apple juice and elderflower are meant to be together. Add a bit of vodka and some frozen raspberries and Bob’s your uncle.

This is not really a recipe per se – just mix and match to make it more alcoholic or sweeter to your tastes. A couple of these and it might make your psychological thriller seem more like a chic flic!

Apple, Elderflower and Vodka Cocktail

3 parts Unfiltered Apple Juice
1 part Vodka
dash of Elderflower cordial (add more if you like it sweet)

Add a sprig of mint and frozen raspberries to garnish.


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