Cape Town, South Africa

cape town

Cape Town was amazing (I say this about everywhere I go).  I wasn’t really expecting much after having an amazing time on Safari (not much can compare) but it was a pleasant surprise.

cape town

The whole country, and especially Cape Town had a very English/Dutch feel from the food (proper English Breakfast every morning – yum!) to the architecture.  The docks area was great with lots of restaurants and a perfect view of Table Mountain.  Just a few too many tourists while we were there (so be sure to pick an off peak time to travel!).

cape towncape town

cape town

We went all the way down to the Cape of Good Hope (the southernmost point of Africa) with a drive along the coast.  The beaches were lovely and I wish we had more time to sit on one and enjoy the view.  The whole place reminded me very much of Australia and the Melbourne coast, even down to the little penguins that come to shore every day.  I guess they’re both at the bottom of the world so they should be very similar.  I now need to visit the southern most tip of South America to compare!

cape town

The weathers gorgeous, the scenery is amazing – whats not to love? Hopefully I’ll have the chance to go back!

cape town


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